Any means of defending against warmish weather?

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Igloo Ed
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Re: Any means of defending against warmish weather?

Post by Igloo Ed » Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:17 pm

" Sticky, easily-worked snowy gold."
Ha! The terminology we do come up with to describe our needs. There has been a few times that I've dug down in to get to good snow at demos where the snow is delivered the night before and only the surface is frozen. Once I get the soft snow, I try to mix what chunks of the frozen stuff in with the loose snow so we don't run out of snow.
Looking at your before and after pics, those holes look like foot steps...
If that thin of an igloo supported them, it must be real close to being solid ice. It should hold it's shape, just need some real winter.

Banff Martin
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Re: Any means of defending against warmish weather?

Post by Banff Martin » Fri Jan 30, 2015 9:11 am

Yes, when we know of the difference of ease of working with one snow type over another, they do get good names. =)

Good thought on extending the usefulness of wet snow with dry, will keep that in mind. Even last night I was able to dig further down into a pile of snow to get some of the good slushy stuff. =) I felt I needed to tighten up the air hole as it had widened such that you could put your arm through it. While I was tempted to let it remain that way for a couple days to speed thorough hardening of the igloo, as I'm dealing with the general public (some of whom are inebriated) I thought I should prevent the arm-in-hole, slip-on-ice, break-arm scenario.

The pictures could be better; I'm sure the holes were wind-made. When I was repairing the wall around the holes the wall was crumbling in my hand until I got to a slightly thicker section to continue. I'm sure a shoe would have done much more damage. The divot pattern the snow made was interesting I must say.

Am I to interpret that you'd arranged a dump-truck delivery of snow for an igloo building? Was that expensive to arrange?
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