Pole Length Adjustments

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Pole Length Adjustments

Post by Climbingaggie04 » Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:36 pm

So I built my first igloo right before new years and it was quite an experience, One thing I don't understand though is the pole length adjustment. I built a 10 foot igloo, and I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to adjust the pole length, because it had the pole moving wildly diifferent amounts and different directions for each layer. My assumption is that I was reading the pole wrong, we did eventually manage to build an Igloo, but it definitely doesn't have a caternary shape. it has a very flat ceiling that is begining to sag in some places.

I'm living in my igloo full time until the end of March, I'm thinking that I'm going to have to build a new one in a few weeks and so I would like to understand the pole adjustments better.

Also does anyone have any experience with the floor sagging. I slept in the same spot for about 3 weeks with a thick thermarest, but the spot sagged like a mattress does when you've slept in the same spot and not flipped the mattress, I've since moved to the other side of the igloo.

Ed (since i'm pretty sure you'll read this) I can't thank you enough for your product, it's helped me make a great cozy winter home with no prior igloos building experience, I love my gloo and hope that I can do an even better job on the construction of my second one.

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Re: Pole Length Adjustments

Post by Igloo Ed » Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:21 am

The answer is, "follow the numbers".
The wall leans in at steep enough of an angle on the lower blocks that the form actually gets closer to the center point as the igloo goes up. The first change is bigger than the second change going up to the third course of blocks because on the third course the form is about tangent to the arc center.
After passing the tangent point, the distance from the center point increases with bigger length changes in the pole until reaching the top of the igloo. At the top of the igloo, the last couple courses are nearly flat and the change in pole length is smaller because the form mostly go across the ceiling at the same height.
"Follow the Yellow Brick Road", trust the numbers, Grasshopper.
Some people incorrectly think they are supposed to put both the upper and lower poles in the correct number hole for the course being built. Only the lower pole is changed except for the temporary changes in the ramp area.
I think you have the pole length changes right though if you've been able to live in the igloo for over two weeks now.
You said you thought the igloo was too flat on top, the ten and eleven foot igloos are rather flat on top. The nine foot igloo sags less easily as it is high and small in diameter making the thickness of the wall proportionally more supportive than on the ten and eleven footers.
You are going to melt into the floor of the igloo as some body heat is going to make it through the sleeping pads. Adding another pad will help but you should be able to just add snow to the holes and make the floor flat again. The floor sagging is real noticeable in early season when the heat from the ground is coming up through the snow making the snow warmer and easier for your body heat to bring it to the melting point.
Glad to hear you're enjoying your igloo and welcome to the forum.

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