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Terms of service

Post by Igloo Ed » Fri Aug 08, 2008 12:28 pm

Community Rules

1. No graphic material of either a macabre or pornographic nature.
Links or posts will not be permitted.

2. No cursing or swear words.

3. No racism, threatening, flaming, verbal abuse, mocking of members, personal attacks, victimization or hateful posts, or retaliation of any kind against any member or staff member of this board.

4. Posts must keep on topic.
If a post does go off-topic, please try and get it back to the original subject. Otherwise, the topic may be closed.

5. Unacceptable comments.
Please do not post anything rude, hateful, etc. This may be deleted on sight, and a warning and/or ban may be issued, depending on the severity of the post.

6. No avatar and custom title abuse.
Please respect the avatars if you are to use your own, as well as the custom titles (the text below your avatar). Avatars are to be no more then 30Kb in size.

7. Related sites and adverts.
The only links permitted to other sites must be located in your signature or profile, unless it refers to a topic in your post. Please do not place adverts (eg Google Ads) in your signature.

8. No spamming whatsoever.
If you do, you may be warned and/or banned. Hijacking another persons thread with a question/comment is discouraged (please start another topic out of respect to the original topic starter). Using unnecessary formatting (such as the entire post in bold) will result in the formatting tags being removed, or the entire post deleted.

9. Please respect the decisions of the administrators and moderators.

10. No alternate accounts are allowed.
Creating another account is not permitted, and will result in one either a warning, ban, or IP address ban. Creating five (5) or more accounts will result in you being reported to your internet service provider.

11. Signatures.
HTML is not permitted in signatures unless approved by an administrator. Refer to point #7 for advertising links or images in signature lines. Signature content must be appropriate as mentioned throughout the rest of this document. Political rants, etc will be removed. These forums are not political or for political debate.

13. Use proper English.
Despite what you might think, "y", "r", "u", "ur", etc, are not words. When making a post, DoN'T mAkE iT eXcEsSiVeLy HaRd To ReAd. Try and use proper English - if you don't speak English natively, try your best.

14. These rules may be changed at any time, and an administrator and moderator's word is final.

15. Keep politics out. If you seek to discuss politics please take it to another website. We don't want it here.


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