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Planned igloo destruction method =)

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 3:21 pm
by Banff Martin

Well, the weather is changing some, and not for the colder! I plan to thicken my igloo's walls for the 3rd time tonight, but am starting to want to plan for the end. If it was on private property I might just let it melt, but it would be safest to take it down while it is still strong.

I've only destroyed one of my igloos once before at the request of the town, and instead of doing another checkered pattern before knocking it down I'd like to try something new.

Has anyone taken down their igloo in an interesting way?

I'm thinking to propose a small staff event with a suggestion box on how to most dramatically do so. A sledgehammer is one thought. Any other thoughts come to mind?

Re: Planned igloo destruction method =)

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 4:22 pm
by Igloo Ed
I've only knocked down a few but the funnest one was built with spring slush and we chopped holes through the wall all around the bottom of the igloo. I guessed that 2/3 of the wall was missing before it collapsed. That was spring slush too and it hadn't had time to set up at all. It went down like a scoop of mashed potatoes.
It'd be interesting to see how much you could remove on an old icy igloo. The chopping is a bit rough, you'd have the best luck of you used a saw to cut chunks out.
I'm imagining you getting it down to two posts left before it falls. How wide the posts are would be the interesting part.
When it does collapse, it should fracture the igloo and fall down. If it doesn't, you'll still have a lot of work getting the rest to fall also. Whether it fractures or not would be interesting.
Curious minds want to know.

Re: Planned igloo destruction method =)

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 4:28 pm
by Banff Martin
Neat idea! I'll add my wood saw to the arsenal and see about a game of Igloo Jenga. =)

If I'd access to a hose with hot water I'd consider that too, but that could just splash everyone around..!

It is still freezing here most nights between -1 & -7, but also getting above freezing all days. By the end of the weekend I may decide on a destruction date for the next weekend.

Hoping for a cold snap and a foot of snow..!