Minnesota winter 2015-16

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Minnesota winter 2015-16

Post by kealia » Sun Jan 10, 2016 5:44 pm

El Nino is in full swing! I am waiting for some snow! I live in northernmost Minnesota, the land of snow and severe cold. Today (jan 10), was our first below zero day. Only 1914 had a later first subzero. Also, the snow we usually have during November and December was rain. Currently the snow depth is just under 4 inches. I did start an igloo in my front yard about two weeks go, but ran out of snow.

Hopefully conditions will improve.


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Re: Minnesota winter 2015-16

Post by Banff Martin » Mon Jan 11, 2016 8:43 pm

Here's hoping you get more soon!

Our season in Banff Alberta is going better than last year. We've enough snow and only had 1 warm spell since my igloo was built. Last year had several, and it was quite the effort to keep reinforcing the igloo walls. Part of the challenge when you get a warm spell is it changes the condition of the snow present to icy crystals, which is tough to work with.

If it should happen and you get more snow but expect a warm spell and then have cold return, build on the day before freezing returns while the snow is sticky. Try not to build with snow less than a week old as it will compress further after your igloo is built.
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