To write a proposal to Parks Canada, campground igloos..!

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To write a proposal to Parks Canada, campground igloos..!

Post by Banff Martin » Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:53 am


My wife says she'll try camping in an igloo if there are facilities nearby. Thus, I've called the Banff Tunnel Mountain campground towards building an igloo at one of their winter campsites. We'd then pay the standard fee to camp there & use the facilities, and the igloo would remain for others to use as well. As they are government run they need me to write up a proposal for them to forward to Parks Canada.

Has anyone thoughts on how best to do this? Has it been done before with any other government?

I expect much of their mindset will be around liability.

My initial thoughts would be to build a 9' and check it 2-3x/week. If I can find a site in the shade and have some luck with cold weather I'd think that a 9' would remain strong for 2-3 months? The campground staff would only otherwise need to check it for garbage.

As it involves government I doubt this would go ahead this winter if accepted, but there's always a chance. =)

This past summer Banff campgrounds started a pilot with cabins: ... entik.aspx This was to attract a broader group of people to the outdoors. I've no idea how well it has worked out, but I can't help but think a winter version might interest a different group again.

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