Log book in igloo has been interesting

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Banff Martin
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Log book in igloo has been interesting

Post by Banff Martin » Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:31 am


I thought I'd pass on that placing a log book, pencil & freezer bag in the igloo has proven quite interesting and amusing. Prior to this I'd only have chance sightings of people making use of my igloos and no real idea of what people thought. Not that its a surprise, but people quite like them! =)

I've had interesting notes from people travelling, from across Canada, the US (Florida) and even Columbia. Parents have passed on their thanks and kids have been quite excited to find an igloo next to the recreation area. Adults have been socializing in it quite regularly, and in particular on new year's eve.

There hasn't been much garbage to remove, and the igloo hasn't been altered. Signs of respect I say!

I did find the original log book rolled up & stuffed in the air hole one day; I removed it for safekeeping and replaced it with a new log book.

The number of entries has convinced me its worth the building effort, even if I only meet a few of the visitors in person.

On a side note, on January 1st I gave the igloo a touch-up. I dumped a lot of fresh snow on the floor/pad and packed it in as the floor was getting dirty from so much use. The improvement has held; the new snow tamped down well overnight and looks original. I also removed the built-up ice in the bottom of the center hole I'd cut out as it was a couple inches up and dirty, and I raised the entrance back up to its original height.
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Igloo Ed
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Re: Log book in igloo has been interesting

Post by Igloo Ed » Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:40 pm

The log book sounds cool, even Columbia... amazing. Sounds like the igloo is seeing lots of use.
They do get a lot of respect when they look like a work of art to most people.
Ya, freshening up the floor is nice. It's sometimes a bugger though to dig up the floor when snow accumulates.
Igloo maintenance.

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