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Ice box Modifications and additions

Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:51 am
by Fish36
Hi Ed

I thought I would share some modifications I made to the Ice Box. As you begin to cringe, they are really not mods as much as additions for ease of squaring and leveling the first layer. I decided to add these 2 devices because I am generally building with the kids and have realized the importance of the first layer. I hope they make it a breeze and I will not question my positions.

First keeping the "slip form" square to the guide pole. I used a 1/8th inch brass rod 36 inches long. I made 2 holes (1/8") in the Ice Box and 5 bends to the rod and have a simple light no nonsense squaring device. It moves up and down with the angles needed. It is of course only necessary for the first layer as the slip form has to just be square to the previous layer after the first.

Second is a "leveling devise" for the first layer, adjustable to both vertical angles required. The level I chose was available and this is why I chose it, of course only the horizontal level is used. I think this is pretty self explanatory with the pictures. Just move the red base to the other 2 hole in the side plate of the form and you are on to the other two igloo sizes. The thumb screws self tapped into both the red and the yellow plastic.

I will be posting some more pictures, of the 11 foot bar with a 9 foot bed room attached. We had a good party with 12 and a dog. The bar was hollowed out with bench seating on the walls of the "11" and a table in the center complete with cup holders. 8-)

Re: Ice box Modifications and additions

Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:37 am
by Fish36
By the way, you may say this type of precision is not really needed and I agree. I have built many great igloos with out these additions. The main reason I have added these "additions" for precision building is our weather. We almost always have warm weather 35f - 45f with or with out rain with in days if not sooner of our building of the igloos. After so many builds I find the more precise the first layer the more precise the igloo. The igloo will last longer under these adverse conditions. If built precise the igloo will not lean, but will just lower in interior and exterior height and last for us much longer. This brings up the next thought of would tarps help during rain? Remove after rain and allow it to deal with the temps on its own. The 11 & 9 foot igloo we built last week have had to deal with a mild and rainy last week and single digit to 0 degrees today and expect 40 degrees in 2 days on sunday. The 11 footer lasted for 5 days and almost 48 hrs of rain and the sun was its final demise. The 9 footer is still going strong although it is a bit lower, with very good shape. I have not had the chance to put the new additions to use and will have to report back.

I have added a picture of our 2 igloo compound. Notice the 11 foot (with the entrance) is not perfect in shape, this is more to do with the fact that is was built over 3 days( a new record "long" length of time, 3rows then 2 then finished ) all the snow was of the same type. It had been very cold over the whole building of the first igloo. The snow was a wet heavy snow for the 9' in the back, then the rain for 2 days. The 11' did not sag and fall until after the rain had stopped and the sun came out with temps in the mid 40's.

I am also hoping these additions will speed things up in the building process.

Re: Ice box Modifications and additions

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:34 am
by Fish36

I see I put this in the wrong forum. Should be moved to building ...... Feel free to move it if you can :oops:

Re: Ice box Modifications and additions

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 6:23 am
by Igloo Ed
Fish36 wrote:Ed

I see I put this in the wrong forum. Should be moved to building ...... Feel free to move it if you can :oops:
I've never used the edit feature in anything like moving a thread, I fear I'd loose the information. It'll do just fine here.
Indeed, in your warm and wet conditions it is critical the shape of the igloo is correct.
Covering the igloo with a tarp while it is raining would be a good idea. The water is obviously warmer than the snow and it warms up the snow. Considering the amount of mass in water, it can make the igloo sag fast, especially if the snow was warm to begin with.
One thing though, if the tarp is not white it will warm up when the sun comes out and cause the igloo to sag also.