Final layers

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Final layers

Post by Igloo Ed » Fri Jun 20, 2008 10:31 am

Once you are on the sixth layer, you will find it easier to remove the Outer Panel of the ICEBOX®. With Outer Panel removed, the shovelers won’t need to lift the snow as high and can also help to pack some of the snow. The packing and form holding techniques change after the Outer Panel is removed. It is easier for the shoveler to pack the snow for the lower half of the blocks on the sixth layer as the form handler cannot reach the bottom of the form (This depends on how tall a person is). After the sixth layer, the shoveler may not be able to reach high enough to do any packing but the form is tipped enough that once again the form handler can pack the entire block.
On the final layers, with the Outer Panel removed, it is very important to place the snow with care and not impact the form. Usually sliding the shovel up the wall and rotating the shovel to dump the snow works best.
On the very last block, the Inside Panel is held in place by the pole assembly, much like a cork, blocking off any access to pack the snow from the inside. It works well to use a ski pole to do the packing from the outside on the last block. When using a ski pole, use the basket end to push the snow across to the far side of the remaining hole, packing snow to snow (Not to the form). Keep walking around the igloo pushing the snow across the igloo while packing until the hole closes up.
It is critical that the form is removed after the last block is complete so the pole assembly doesn't get bent from the slow settling of the igloo with time.


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