Getting started and the crucial first layer

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Getting started and the crucial first layer

Post by Igloo Ed » Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:25 pm

Push the stake of the assembled ICEBOX® into the platform while leaving the flange of the stake about ¼ inch from the floor. Walk the ICEBOX® around the perimeter of the packed platform checking to see if the igloo will be center on your platform. You can decide where to place the igloo at this time. If you are too close to a rock or tree you won’t be able to release the form.
To begin building the igloo the Form Handler kneels with the pole running between his legs.
When positioning the form, the Inner Panel of form should set at a right angle to the pole as seen from above.
As you begin to build the igloo, the form Handler tips the ICEBOX® towards him so that the line on the End Panel, marked “square to floor”, is perpendicular to the floor.
Choose the “square to floor” line that corresponds to the size igloo you are building. The shoveler should stand where he can easily see the square to floor line and let the Form Handler know when he has tilted it into the proper position. You can also attach a weighted line through the appropriate hole at the top of the square to floor line which can also help you position the form correctly.
One thing I would like to note here is that the “square to floor” line is used for this first layer only. The tip angle for the rest of the layers will be determined by centering the bottom of the form on the block below.
With the form properly placed, start shoveling snow into the corner formed by the two Outer Panels and the End Panel. With each shovelful, the Form Handler packs the snow with the palm of his hand.
When you have filled the form to one-third of its height on the End Panel end, release the U Bar and the toggle. Move form to the left while holding it down to the floor and sliding it. Watch that the toggle handle doesn't reset itself. Tipping the form inward while you are sliding it will help to keep the toggle from toggling by itself.
Remove the form from the wall and set it down on the flat platform so the U-Bar slides back down freely, then push down the Toggle Handle and reposition the form. Reposition the form by overlapping the first block on your ramp for a couple inches. On this block, the first shovelful should be put against the end of the first partial block. As the blocks get fuller, the existing block becomes a support for the form while building the next block. Pack the ICEBOX® until it fills two-thirds full on the End Panel end.
Repeat the process until the third block of the ramp fills the form full on the End Panel creating the first full block of the first layer.
From this point on, the form is filled to the appropriate fill level for the size igloo you are building.
This fill level is included on the Outer Panel along with the pole assembly chart.


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