Snow types to use when you've options

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Banff Martin
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Snow types to use when you've options

Post by Banff Martin » Tue Jan 07, 2014 3:32 pm

Hello again!

Planning ahead to this weekend, I'm aware that I've at least 3 types of snow available to me. There is the 'original' snow still on the basketball court and in the lower areas (partly trampled), the newest snow from late last week, and wind-packed snowdrifts of the last couple days. I'm able to pick from the first two as I cleared off some areas and know that all that would gather easily would be the newest snow.

(the pad was built last week from the eldest snow and snowshoe-packed)

As I'm planning an 11' model I expect that the snow types will be more important to the longevity of the igloo. Am I correct in understanding that it would be best to make use of the eldest & trampled snow for the lower layers (if not the entire igloo), 2nd the wind-packed drifts, and the newest snow only for the higher levels & roof of the igloo?

I expect I'll have to work the eldest snow a bit before loading it into the form; there will be some clumps in it. I'm temped to try adding a bit of water into the bucket and mixing it in - any warnings/value there? I don't want to make slush.

Thanks again!
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Igloo Ed
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Re: Snow types to use when you've options

Post by Igloo Ed » Sun Mar 02, 2014 7:10 pm

The best would be using nothing but old snow but that is near to impossible for you. The next best thing is mixing the snows so the entire igloo is built of the same snow composition. That is very hard to do in most situations. Lumps of ice in the snow is fine but sure slows one down when having to pack around them.

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