At transition point do vertical seams line up?

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Paul C
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At transition point do vertical seams line up?

Post by Paul C » Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:28 pm

The instructions say to start each middle ramp block at the same point. That is, with an initial ramp "base" of three blocks, the pole is adjusted at the middle block. And with each layer, another adjustment is made at that same "middle block" point with a new block. And the previous block is made shorter if necessary to accommodate the new full, middle block - if I'm understand it correctly.

It seems like that would put a vertical seam at that same point around the circle. That is different than the blocks in the illustration on page 18. where to seams fall where they may, give a uniform size to all blocks and an circumference getting smaller and smaller.

If you are saying the pole adjustment is made on the block that mostly occupies that "middle block" point, then I can see how that mid-block would begin/end in slightly different places with each layer. But I think I read that not only do you adjust the pole at the same spot, you allow create a full sized block, beginning/ending at the same place as the one under it.

Am I misunderstanding that?

Banff Martin
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Re: At transition point do vertical seams line up?

Post by Banff Martin » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:57 pm

Hello Paul,

I don't have the instructions in front of me to refer to the text you mean, but can say that when I am coming near to the ramp section I approximate, but it doesn't need to be exact at all - it is more about the easiest way to make the transition block, and similarly how the following block will be. The block may be full, or even be a partial if the transition is being tough and the block is breaking. I try to build above the middle block of the ramp, but the blocks need not line up.

Let me know if this doesn't cover your question!
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Igloo Ed
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Re: At transition point do vertical seams line up?

Post by Igloo Ed » Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:42 am

Hi Paul,
Yes, you are reading the manual correctly, there would be a vertical seam going up the igloo wall at the back of the middle block of the ramp. The picture in the manual is not correct as the igloo would look a bit like a hopscotch floor rather than most peoples idea of an igloo.
As Martin says, it doesn't matter to much.
I do put forth the effort to make them line up though. It's easy after doing it a lot of times.
Sometimes my igloos turn out real good where the form moves easily on the top layers and other times there is an interference when moving the tool on the top layers. Those igloos with interference are always cone shaped which is mostly from overfilling the form. But then the interference also comes from the wall below having a little bump in it. That bump is caused by not moving through the ramp area correctly.
Moving through the ramp area correctly involves the pole is changed at the same place each time and the form is also positioned correctly on the wall. I probably hit that perfect shape on about 1/3 of my igloos but it feels good when it happens and there is no interference in any of the moving of the tool.
I have one friend I've been building with for quite a few years and we make a great team and most of our igloos are fast and easy with them turning out the right shape.

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