Sleeping capacity

Information on the different sizes and there capacities.
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Sleeping capacity

Post by Igloo Ed » Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:20 am

As far as sleeping capacity goes, here is what works for people that are close to 5'8" tall.
The seven foot igloo sleeps one person but the 10ft. pole that is on the upper end of the pole assembly can be extended from the #2 hole out to the #8/9 hole and the igloo tool will then build a 7' 10" igloo. The 7' 10" igloo is close to the same size as the eight foot igloo but the walls lean in at a steeper angle and the igloo is only 49" tall compared to the eight foot igloo being 61" tall. The 7' 10" igloo will sleep two without a trench dug across the igloo or will sleep two with a trench. To sleep two with a trench, snow is added to the outside of the igloo and the walls are notched out some for head and foot clearance. However, it is not near as comfortable as the eight foot igloo because of the walls leaning in steeper and the lower head clearance.
The eight foot igloo will sleep three without a trench or two with a trench and it is tall enough to stand up in when a trench is dug across the igloo.
The nine foot igloo will sleep four without a trench or three with a trench. The igloo is tall enough that even tall people can stand up when a trench is dug across the igloo.
The ten foot igloo will sleep five without a trench or four with a trench and it is the same height as the eight foot igloo.
The eleven foot igloo will sleep six without a trench or five with a trench and it is as tall as the nine foot igloo.


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