Inverness Backcountry Snowsports Club - Igloo Camp April 201

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Inverness Backcountry Snowsports Club - Igloo Camp April 201

Post by Andy » Tue Jan 27, 2015 2:35 pm

IBSC Igloo Camp April 2014

With the Spring advancing I was keen to get an Igloo trip in before the conditions became too mild. The trip this year only required one Igloo tool as only Roy, Chris and myself were going and Chris was field testing a new tent and did not require space to sleep in the Igloo. This meant we could build a smaller 8 ft Igloo which is somewhat quicker. The longer daylight also was to our advantage so we were able to complete the structure before it became dark. The only other time we achieved this was also when building in April. I guess there is choice, either build in April or start off earlier in the day. The weather was superb with warm sunshine during the day but with clear skies the temperature soon dropped to freeze the Igloo structure hard. This was evidenced by standing on the Igloo in the morning for photographs. Chris did not bring any skis on the trip so he went for a walk in the morning to Sgurr Gaoith while Roy and myself has a delightful short ski trip to the slopes of Monadh Mor. We managed to ski a good distance down Carn Ban Mor towards Glen Feshie before packing skis on the rucksacks. The lower we got the hotter until I was lagging far behind Roy and stopping for regular drinks of water. The contrast with the summit was incredible and we stopped for ice cream on the way back in Kincraig. It was a successful trip and well worth the effort.
IBSC Igloo Trip April 2014 -03.JPG
IBSC Igloo Trip April 2014 -05.JPG
IBSC Igloo Trip April 2014 -08.JPG
IBSC Igloo Trip April 2014 -13.JPG
IBSC Igloo Trip April 2014 -27.JPG
Spring Skiing on the Cairngorm Plateau
I’m hoping to build in Glen Affric on 7th February 2015 so I do not have that long drive to the Cairngorms. The location is very reliable for snow and is safer in many ways if the weather turns nasty. We have already had good accumulations of snow in the mountains and more is forecast for the rest of this week so look out for the report soon!

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Re: Inverness Backcountry Snowsports Club - Igloo Camp April 201

Post by Igloo Ed » Wed Jan 28, 2015 8:42 pm

Mmm, gotta love that spring snow with cold nights. I hope you were able to enjoy the stars.
The long days are nice too. My winter trips are an early start but I still end up building into the dark when I'm solo. Seems I enjoy the time spent talking to myself. I guess it'd be different if it was nasty weather and I needed to get it built.
My one bud is getting pretty quick at building them and the last nine foot igloo was completed by the two of us in four hours. Even built on a slope.
I'm looking forward to your Glen Affric report. I've been hearing that Scotland is getting good snow.

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