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The local kids have an igloo!

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 3:59 pm
by Banff Martin

This 9' build of Dec 30 is later than normal, but life has been busy and the snow was slow in coming. Better late than never!

I've a new choice location! Turns out the housing manager's son of the building I'm in (& opposite) loved playing in former igloos I've built and has given me permission to build on housing property. The spot is protected from the sun by the building, I can see it from my apartment as can the security staff. Though it is within a u-shape of a building, wind remains. I am hoping that with the igloo being in a lit area I won't have as many drinkers making a mess in the wee hours. Thus far kids & adults of both apartment buildings have enjoyed it!

The snow was properly aged and hadn't suffered melting & re-freezing; start temperature was about -10C and reached -5, so not a bad building day. Snow quality was about average+. I'd a co-worker join for her 4th build and a tall novice - the vet is why the pad is a work of art; she's not tall enough to shovel snow for the upper levels and so switches to manicuring the pad. =) The pad was built days before build-day of course.

And now the daily routine of checking its condition and reading new flattering log entries! =)