Constructing the Igloo
With your floor level and hard enough to walk on (without sinking in and loosing your balance) push in the stake of the assembled ICEBOX. Leave the igloo building tool square to floor line flange of the stake 1/4-inch from the floor. This way, the stake will not come loose from working its way up and down. If the snow is too soft, pour a little water on the stake.

You can now walk the ICEBOX around and check to see if the ledge is the same size on the outside of the form. You can decide where to place the igloo at this time. If you are too close to a rock or tree you won’t be able to release the form. 
Caution: Do not jar the stake. Any movement will distort the catenary dome design.

Building the Ramp and First Layer
The Form Handler kneels, straddling the pole. Make sure the form, as seen from above, lies at a right angle to the pole. The Form Handler then tips the ICEBOX towards him so that the line marked “square to floor” is perpendicular to the floor. (See above picture.) Choose the “square to floor” line that corresponds to the size igloo you are building. Use the 10 & 11 ft. line for the 7ft. igloo. One of the shovelers should stand where he can let the Form Handler know when he has tilted it into the proper position.

Note: The “square to floor” line is used for this first layer only. See above picture. For the next levels you will center the form on the block below.


igloo building tool first layerWith the toggle closed and the U Bar pushed in, the Shoveler dumps powder, with minimal chunks, into the corner formed by the two Outer Panels and the End Panel. With each shovelful, the Form Handler packs the snow GENTLY with the palm of his hand. Packing too roughly will fracture the block. Refer to packing detail on page 19.

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