Igloo building tool assembly A-3

  • Snap the the socket pole onto the stake 
  • Insert the center, smaller segment into the opposite end of the pole. Slide it into
    the larger segment until the spring clip slips into the hole marked 1. Insert the
    remaining large pole and snap into the first hole marked 8. The 7 ft. igloo is
    slightly different: the 7 ft. pole goes into the socket pole and the 10 ft. pole goes
    on the toggle end. The pole spring clip goes into the #2 hole marked 7 ft.
  • Diagram A-3 below shows which poles to use according to the size igloo you are
    building. The 10 ft. pole has a hole marked 7 ft. for that size igloo. The spring
    clips will lock the poles in place.
  • The Toggle Assembly consists of the Toggle Link and the Toggle Handle. The socket pole is constructed so that the stake will hang downward on one side only. With the pole horizontal and the stake hanging down, place the toggle on the top side of the assembly by inserting the end of the pole into the pocket in the toggle handle and then puling out the toggle link and snapping the clips into the holes marked P.
  • Snap toggle ball into Inner Panel.

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