Assembling the ICEBOX
Familiarize yourself with the names of each part and how they are packed. When repacking the ICEBOX, put straps in first, and then the parts. (Right)

  • Igloo building tool packedPlace the (larger) Outer Panel of the slip form on a flat surface with the ribbed side facing down and the snap posts to your left. (See Diagram A-1 below)

  • Snap the End Panel on to the posts. Make sure the edge marked “bottom” is toward you and the line labeled ”square to floor” is facing out and to your left.
  • With the ribbed side facing up, snap the (smaller) Inner Panel onto the End Panel. (See Diagram A-1 below)
  • Roll the assembly toward you so that the Outer Panel faces away from you and the End Panel is to your left.
  • Note the slots on top of both sides panels at the corner of the open end of the form. Insert the U Bar onto these slots so that the longer end slides smoothly into the Outer Panel. The cam on the U Bar will snap into the slot on the Inner Panel (See Diagram A-2 below)
  • There are five pole segments with the ICEBOX kit — the larger diameter poles, marked Igloo Size
    8 or 9 ft., Igloo Size 11 ft., Igloo Size 10 ft., 7 ft. Igloo and a smaller diameter pole with two spring clips. Find the large pole segment labeled with the size igloo you want to build. For the 7 ft., it is the shortest, large diameter pole. There is a spring clip at the end of this pole. Snap the plastic socket pole onto this spring clip.

igloo tool diagram A-1              igloo building tool diagram A-2

Diagram A-1                                                      Diagram A-2


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