Note: The base size allows for the thickness of the walls plus a ledge surrounding the igloo. The ledge will prove extremely useful as the wall nears completion and the Shovelers have to reach above their heads.

  • If the site is sloped, pack the down hill side first. One person should keep walking along the edge while the others move snow from the high side and throw it into the packersí footsteps. It also saves a lot of energy if you push the snow whenever possible.
  • Once you have a level floor, pack the area where the center stake is going to be placed first. This will help it to set and be more stable. Stomp as deep as you can in the center and start packing your way up and out of the hole you have stomped. It is also best if you keep this in mind as you are leveling and building the floor. This gives the snow more time to setup and it will be stronger. Be very careful not to fracture this area when completing the floor and setting up the ICEBOX. 
  • Thinking ahead can save you problems later. Plan to have your door facing a shady area for most of the day. This will help that side of the igloo remain stable when you cut a door or entry tunnel, by slowing down any melting that may occur.

Igloo tool packed


The ICEBOX is lightweight and easy to carry. Make sure the snap posts are at the top when transporting to prevent them from breaking should you slip and fall on something hard. 
This will also keep any spare parts from falling out.
Note the direction of the clips.





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