Solo Build and 7 ft. Solo

It is possible for one person to build an ICEBOX igloo with some variations of the instructions. Follow same instructions for site preparation and snow gathering. Here are some additional notes to keep in mind.

First two layers

The first two layers can be packed from the outside, stepping over the wall only to release the Toggle Handle and reposition the form. All courses are done from the outside for the 7 ft. igloo.

Subsequent layers

Shovel snow into igloos larger than seven foot after the second course is completed and just before the third course is completed. One can step over the wall until just before the third course is finished. All igloos can be built from the outside through the third layer and the seven footer can be built entirely from the outside.

The Outer Panel can be removed on the third course for the 7 ft. igloo, because the form is more tilted than on the larger igloos with more perpendicular walls. This enables the solo builder to pack the blocks and move the form from the outside. The Inner Panel is held on the top leading corner while the first shovel full of snow is put on and packed with the other hand. Once a little snow is put into the form and packed, it is not necessary to hold it, as the snow will hold the form in place. The Inner Panel should be at a bit of an angle so that when the form is slid ahead, without releasing the Toggle Handle, it will come loose. If you do not remove the Outer panel on the third layer, pile snow against the igloo where you can reach from the inside.

The solo builder can lay on the 7 ft. igloo while building the last two courses making it very easy to reach and pack the blocks.

For larger than 7 ft. solo builds: Before finishing the third layer, shovel a large amount of snow inside the igloo so you can fill the form from the inside and also move/reset the form. You will need to take care to prevent popping the socket pole and stake apart. The pile of snow in the inside does require some maintenance but it becomes obvious to the user and need not be dwelt upon, just note the interference problem.

For larger than 7 ft. solo builds: Leave the outside panel on for the sixth layer as it is easy to get the snow in from the inside and it is a lot easier to pack as there is no one on the outside helping pack the lower part of the block.

For larger than 7 ft. solo builds: As the hole gets smaller you will need a shovel that you can shorten the handle on. This will make it easier to maneuver. For the last few blocks the hole gets small enough that you may use only the blade or, the outside panel. Fill it with snow, lift it up and dump.

A good pair of gloves are needed for solo building to keep your hands drier. Fill the form as full as possible before packing so you shovel less. The more your hands warm the shovel, the more the snow melts and refreezes which sticks to the shovel and wets your hands.

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