If you push hard enough, you will feel a “lock up” happen when you have spread the panels about 1/16 to 1/8 inch. If you push too hard, the previous layer will give way and the block will be fractured.

igloo packing detailFrom this point on you will want to build onto the previous block and the lower block. Come out of the corner at an angle up the previous block. The front of the form by the End Panel is the last area to be packed. When packing by the End Panel, hold the form on the left corner and push to the right a bit. The packing pressure used may make the form slide to the left. If the form does slide, it will create a little air gap below the snow you are packing and undermine the support for packing the upper layers. If this happens, the corner of your block will fall when you move the form. If you preload the form and continue the packing with the 1/16 to 1/8 spread with each shovel being packed, the form is tight enough to grip the part of the block that is already built. The texture on the inside of the form was designed for this purpose. It adds friction to prevent the form from sliding to the left when packing next to the End Panel.

As you get higher on the wall, you may notice that there are gaps that the snow can run out of. You will need to position the form to close these gaps. At this point, fill the form 1-1/2 inches below full, depending on the size of the igloo you are building and even with previous block. After filling the block, if it is packed right, you can move the form immediately.

Lift or pull up the U bar until it is loose and continue to hold onto it with your right hand. With your left hand lift the toggle handle slowly and don’t let it pop. When you do this, the block may sag a little. Do not let the toggle pop loose. You can try bracing a knee against the pole, flexing it to make the pole shorter.

After the form is loose and you are holding onto the U bar, use your left hand to hold onto the End Panel. Then slide the form off the block and set the entire form ahead of the block and on the wall. Set it at an angle so it won’t fall onto or off the wall. (See Picture on page 10)

Once you set the form on the wall the U bar will drop back into the clamped position by itself. Then, after resetting the toggle, spread the form enough to slide it back onto the previous block.

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