Building a Door
igloo sleeping arrangementsAfter the third or fourth layer or after the igloo is complete, the door can be dug. 

We like to dig the top of the door at the same level as or a little lower than the bed level. If you are in -70 F. you may want to have the top of the door level with the floor or trench that is 18 inches lower than the bed area. At the most, the top of the door should reach only about three inches above floor level.

We like to make the door a little wider than our shoulders so we donít brush the snow and get wet going in and out. We also like to make the door tall enough to walk through if you are stooped over. This makes it easy to get in and out of the igloo.

We dig into the igloo at this level/depth until there is an area big enough to stand up in on the inside of the igloo. From here we dig an 18-inch deep trough straight across the igloo. We stop short of the other side of the igloo so that a person can sleep crossways to the trough. (See Diagram B)

Do not dig this trench too early in the construction of your igloo. The Form Handler may stumble in the hole accidentally.

You can also cut a door out of the wall, above ground. Cutting a door in the wall may cause it to sag over time. An entry tunnel or stabilizing walls will brace the wall and stop this sagging. This is not a problem for a short stay. Try to place the door someplace other than directly on your ramp, preferably in the shade. This will help minimize sagging.

The door on the seven foot igloo is dug into the igloo at full depth until reaching the sleeping pad of the solo winter camper who would sleep perpendicular to the door. Then a shallow trench is dug sideways along the sleeping pad leaving a little shelf next to the door and along the wall.

igloo door cross section igloo door supports

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