igloo building pack snow to snow

Teamwork comes in when the outside/shoveler times his placements when you are ready and supporting the form. Then the Form Handler can support the form in the right places while he also packs the snow.
We use the Outside Panel until we are onto the sixth layer . The sixth layer is the only one that the Form Handler canít pack the entire block. Once you are on the seventh layer, the form is tipped enough that all the snow can be reached from the inside.igloo building use snowshoes

After the sixth layer, the Shoveler may not be able to reach high enough to do any packing. You will find that once again the inside packer can pack the entire block. It is very important to place the snow with care. Usually the sliding of the shovel up the wall and rotating it to dump the snow works best.
The last block needs to be packed from the outside. The Inside Panel is used like a cork and there is no longer access from the inside. The Shoveler can stand on the pile of snow created when the door is dug. Or lean snowshoes against the igloo and climb up. (See left) He can also use a ski pole to do the packing. 
When using a ski pole push the snow across to the other side of the igloo and pack snow to snow not to form again. Keep walking around the igloo packing from all sides until the hole closes up. Check for air holes. If this area is not packed well enough to close all air holes, you will have problems with them opening up when the igloo warms up.

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