• Always fill the form evenly and parallel to the edges of the form, not the ground. And make sure edges are crisp and square, not rounded. This will help to keep snow from falling out when you do the next layer.
  • Keep an open dialogue between Shovelers and the Form Handler. When you get to the higher layers, its important to let each other know what is happening on the other side.
  • Throughout the fifth layer, we recommend leaving a 45 bevel when packing the top leading edge of the block you are building. See picture 
Subsequent Layers
As the layers get higher, they also tilt inward. By the sixth layer (For all sizes except 7ft.), you will find it easier to remove the Outer Panel of the ICEBOX. The shovelers wont have to reach quite as high and will help to pack the snow. The packing and holding techniques also change after the U bar and Outer Panel are removed. The Form Handler  will now need to put support on the lower right corner of the Inner Panel. You may also find that it is easier for the Shoveler to igloo building layer 6up bevel pack the snow for the lower half of the block. 
The Shoveler will need to keep building at an angle from the wall to the previous block just as the Form Handler has been doing. With the first shovel of snow, the Shoveler will need to pack the lower corner and build out from this. He must remember to keep the wall at full thickness. As it is hard for him to see how thick the wall is, some advice from the Form Handler is needed.
The underlying theory here is, pack snow to snow, not snow to form. You will also notice that it is not necessary to fill the block all the way to the top of the end piece. (See Left) When you move the form and reposition it, there may be a chunk sticking out. Just break it up and repack. Otherwise there will be air gaps that will undermine the packing support or extra weight when you release the pole that will cause block fractures.
If you work together on the sixth layer, the Shoveler can pack the lower half and then the Form Handler can pack the upper part of the block.

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