Igloo building remove panel

Igloo constuction move form


You can move the form immediately after completing the block.

“The stake comes loose”
In general, the handling and operation of the ICEBOX must be smooth, gentle and well thought out. As mentioned earlier if the snow is too soft pour a little water around the stake. If the socket pole and stake assembly are coming apart when you are building, you are being too rough in handling the form. If the pole is bumped or jarred in any way, your block will break and you will not be able to complete your igloo in sugar snow conditions. Again, when you remove the form, take care to keep the weight on the pole, not lifting it, so that the stake remains firmly in the snow.
The stake and socket pole can also come apart when you are getting up to the higher layers when the pole/toggle handle does not stay vertical to the form. This will effectively pry or pop the stake out of the socket pole as you go around the igloo. To deal with this, you can twist the pole to keep the toggle handle facing up as you build. If the socket pole comes off the stake, it is best to pull the stake and reassemble. Do not pop the assembly back together while the stake is in the floor because it will enlarge the hole in the floor and the stake will come loose.

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