Igloo building change pole

Layers Two through Five
At the center of the second ramp block shorten your pole length to the next numbered hole. Make sure you are in the hole corresponding to the layer you are building. Mark this point. We recommend using a ski pole or natural marker that is lined up with this point. You will change pole length at this point at the completion of each level, even if you have to make a short block. 
We sometimes shorten the upper pole by moving the pin from the end hole to the second hole for one block. This makes the change a bit more gradual. (See page 8 for more detail) When changing the pole length, it helps to have the outside man hold the form while the inside man changes the setting on the pole. It is best if the form is held up in the air and not sitting on the wall of the igloo. It helps the pole slide easier and doesn’t jar the stake and loosen it.
After each layer, scrape up any excess snow that falls into the original floor of the igloo. This will ensure that the floor stays level and smooth for sleeping.
Always work the snow by scraping it and patting it down with the shovel. This helps to create denser snow for the igloo and will help it to set up quicker. In extreme cold conditions you may need to actually walk on your pile before putting it into the form to make it bond better. 
You may dig out the doorway when you finish the third or fourth layer. If there is enough snow, we recommend keeping your door below your platform level. (See page 17 for doorway details)

Note: The seven foot igloo only takes five courses to build and the Outer Panel can
be removed on the last two courses. Depending on snow conditions, the Outer
Panel can also be removed on the third course. (See page 21 for more details).
WARNING: Do not dig further into the base of the igloo than absolutely necessary, when digging a door. The Form Handler will not stumble in the hole accidentally if it is only dug out enough to allow him to exit. Later you will dig a longer trough. 
  • When packing the form, stay approximately 1-2 inches from the top of the form for the 8 and 9-foot igloo. Fill to the top for the 10 and 11-foot igloos
  • Position the form so that it overlaps the previous block for two inches or more. This gives support and prevents the edges of the previous block from breaking.

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