Igloo building tool shovel position


igloo building tool position 2Get Into Position
The person gathering the snow should place the snow on the ledge just below the form. It is best that just enough snow be gathered for each block. The snow you leave, expecting to use it later, will be set up and hard when you get back to the snow pile to use it.
The person putting the snow into the form should be standing on the ledge about 2 or 3 feet ahead of the form. You should be able to pick up the snow and put it into the form without stepping or moving. When the outside of the form is still on, this is the position that works best. The snow can be thrown into the form and impacted into the rear wall of snow and not jar the form.
When the outside form is taken off, the method changes. The person rounding up the snow should now place the snow for the person that is going to pack the sixth layer from the outside. The shoveler should stand behind the form and along the wall the same distance of two or three feet.

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