Igloo building tool ramp

Igloo building tool diagonal formWhen you have filled the form to one-third of its height, release the U Bar and the toggle. Move form while holding it down to the floor and sliding it left. Watch that the toggle handle doesn't reset itself. Tipping the form inward will help to keep the toggle steady.

Reset the U Bar and the toggle. Now move the ICEBOX into position, overlapping the first block on your ramp. On this block, the first shovelful should be thrown against the end of the first block. The existing block becomes a support for the next block. Pack the ICEBOX until it fills two-thirds of the closed end. Repeat the process until the third block of the incline forms a completed end wall for the first full block of the first layer. (See above) From this point, no partial blocks will be required because the end of each fully formed block will serve as the fourth side of the form to contain the next block.

Resetting the Form
You can position form diagonally on existing layer to reset U Bar and toggle. 

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