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The ICEBOX® Igloo System

Snow Shelter Building system

Great for Winter Camping, Building Snow Shelters or Fun with the Kids

The system consists of a lightweight, packable tool for building a snow shelter in any snow condition.

The ICEBOX system is engineered to be afordable and easy to use.

Our ICEBOX® system will allow you to build structures that are strong, stabile and comfortable.

Ease of use is at the core of our systems design. And we leverage the fact that snow shelters and igloos are much easier to build utilizing the ICEBOX® system versus building quinzhees or snow caves.

The ICEBOX gives you a new and fun way to experience winter outdoor camping. Igloo camping is an adventure rooted in ancient traditional winter survival lifestyles.

The ICEBOX system can be used to build your primary shelter for camping, an emergency backup for extreme conditions or as an awesome toy for winter fun with the family.

ICEBOX® System

Explore the ICEBOX Igloo and Ice Shelter Building System.

Whether your looking to build an igloo with the kids or you are a serious winter camper, you need an ICEBOX system.

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ICEBOX®/Door Combo

Get the Complete ICEBOX System.

An igloo or ice shelter needs a door that can keep in the warmth and keep out the cold. Our full kit has everything you need to get building cool shelters from day one.

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ICEBOX® Tool Pricing Igloo Building and Winter Camping
Igloo or Snow Shelter Door Pricing Igloo Building and Winter Camping
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